Saturday Boredom [ 2003/01/04, 12:23 p.m. ]

This morning while I was making my coffee.. .. ..(and talking to a client on the phone, I'm on call this weekend..ugh) I heard a faint scratching on the back door. I looked out and there was a squirrel.

Waiting for breakfast.

It was sooo cute. I threw out some peanuts and soon there were 5 squirrels and 4 blue jays enjoying breakfast. The jays are pigs. Then I just looked out again and there are about 15 juncos enjoying a snack. I'm so happy to have a backyard full of critters.

Hmm..speaking of critters, the Chancre is curled up against the radiator with his most prized possession in his paw.. .. ..a rubber band. Hmm..if you click on my link down'll see the Chancre in this favorite nap spot.

So a while back I bragged about bring AOL to their knees. Well..Steve and company have managed to get the last word and I have had to call 2 more times due to problems with my bill. Once they switched me to a limited hours plan without my knowledge..I had them fix that but then yesterday I noticed they still charged me for those minutes back in November. So another phone call to them and he told me he needs special permission to refund me the money because I have used my "courtesy months." Excuse me.. ..if you are gonna offer something free.. ..I expect it to be free. So now I have to call back next week.

No wonder AOL-TW is going down the shitter. When I subscribed to Entertainment Weekly (another TW debacle), they would skip about an issue every 3 weeks. I had to call and call. But..I always got my stupid renewal notices.. ..every 2 weeks for the 6 months prior to my subscription ending. Actually, I blamed the magazine delivery on the ghetto post office. I always imagined a lazy postal worker flipping through my magazine hoping to catch pics of J Lo's latest wedding dress.

Oooooooooo.. ..Chicago did open here this weekend. I donít know why they said it wouldn't open till the end of the month. I can't go till after my on call shift ends. Going to see a movie while carrying a pager invites a crisis. Actually..this is true if you try to leave the house. It looks like I'm stuck here today. That's's just a good excuse to wear my jammies all day. R. works all weekend so I have nobody to talk to.

I started reading Richard Preston'sThe Demon in the Freezer last night. There's nothing like reading the gory details of bioterrorism while eating dinner. I'm certain this book is going to cause anxiety. When I read The Hot Zone I couldnít put it down despite the fact a knew I was going to have many sleepless nights. And I did. I recommend them if you haven't read them..but you better get your Xanax prescription refilled first.

I made this page a few weeks ago. It's just some random pics I took to use up a roll of film. I am proud of my plants tho..and then there's the adorable cat picture. If you have a dial up..i guess it loads slow. Sorry!

click here for random pics!!

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