Lego Sandals are sooo last season [ 2003/01/08, 5:42 p.m. ]

I am still sick.. ..or sick again I'm not sure if it ever went away. Last night I had a terrible night sleeping. I was up several times, my throat hurt, my nose burned and I ached all over. And the dreams.. .. ..dear god the dreams. I was in India wearing sandals made from Lego's and riding some sea monster buried in the sand.. ..

When I rearranged my bedroom a few months ago, the trees had leaves. Now that they have fallen, there is a bright beam of light that shines in my window and directly onto my pillow. I don't like to shut the blinds at night because I like the daylight to wake me up (not that it's light out when I get up). Last night that beam was like a laser. I might have to shoot that light out.

I was awake from about 4am to 5:30. I decided I wasn't going to work. I called in and crawled back to bed. At 7:30 R. woke me up thinking I had overslept. He told me he was leaving in a bit for an appt and would be calling me before he got home to see if I needed anything..i went back to sleep.

He came home..told me he was back and the appt did not take as long as he thought. He said something about breakfast, I mumbled and went back to sleep.

When I got up later..he was nowhere to be found. I called his cell and discovered he hadn't been home and was still at his appt. Apparently I dreamed the entire "I'm home" conversation. When I start having crazy dreams like's a good indication I am sick.

R. bought me a neti pot to see if it would help with my sinus infection. I have to say it HAS helped my allergies. My eyes are not glued shut in the morning anymore. I do have one small concern tho, I can't get all of the water out of my nasal cavity when I'm done. It will be hours later and suddenly I'll turn my head a certain way and water will pour from my nose. Most attractive! I've done a bunch of reading and can't find out what the problem is. Maybe since I'm operating with retrofitted upper respiratory system I shouldn't be using it?

I went out this weekend. My first outing to the local "homosexual" establishments since July 4th . I haven't missed much really. There was some bad lounge singer couple doing show tunes at Rhouse.. I thought I was part of some bad SNL skit. We went to Hoots because they were having strippers. Well..I found out the completely naked guy on the stage when we got there wasn't a stripper, just a drunk. The strippers were completely disappointing. Scrawny and smooth..just the way I hate them. Next stop, Ripcord.


G'Nite fellas, see in another 6 months.

R. and I went to see Chicago. He loved it and I still loved it after a second viewing.

Ok..time to grub up some dinner. Ooooo.. .. ..I found Canfield's diet chocolate fudge soda! I am sooo excited..

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