Friday=Boredom [ 2003/01/10, 6:24 p.m. ]

Driving to work this morning (at the crack of fucking dawn thank you) I saw a beautiful sun pillar. I had sooo much to do this morning and I still feel like caca.

There's this woman in my office who's kind of clingy. She cannot do work in her office if she's alone. So she carries her work around with her and "squats" in other offices so she can chat while she does her paperwork. The problem is..I'm terrible at the chit-chat while I'm trying to work. I tend to write things I'm hearing into my notes..such as "Client reports symptoms of Pizza Hut buffet today" because she's sitting there talking about lunch.

I've even said, "You know, I find it really hard to get work done while I'm talking to someone." She says: "Oh it doesn't bother me at all."

Grrr.. ..

We've offered to make her a tape full of minimal encouragers. (Minimal encouragers are those little things you say to let someone know you are listening..."uh huh".."mmhm"..etc..) SHe could stay in her office alone and get her work feel like she's talking to someone. I really like her and she's great to work with but she'd driving me nuts. I could shut my office door but then it gets freezing or broiling in there depending on what mood the thermostat gods are in. Most of the time I ignore her and then realize she's waiting for me to answer a question. I hate getting busted while I'm ignoring someone.

Friday night..what to do what to do.

I'll probably stay home, be bored and go to bed early. Sounds like a plan. It's too freakin cold to leave the house. Nineteen degrees is not pretty. Not pretty at all.

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