.. .. [ 2003/01/24, 1:50 p.m. ]

Iíve started this entry about 5 times and then decide I donít want to write anymore..then I delete it.

Iím at work and Iím having a bit of a motivational problem. I have so much BS to do and I donít know where to begin.

So Iím taking a Diaryland break.

Actually, I just tried to be productive and the annoying woman in Medical Records was chattering away at me while I tried to do some work. I decided to wait until 3 to do that project, she will be gone by then and I will be able to focus without the ongoing commentary.

I finally went to the Dr. about my throat/cold/sinus infection. He chastised me for not coming in sooner. The antibiotics are taking care of the problem and I feel sooo much better today.

My sleep has been great, almost 5 hours at a time without waking up. Thatís very good for me. My goal this weekend is to sleep as much as I can. I love that feeling you get when you first get into bed and feel the tension drain from your body..who needs sex when you have sleep to look forward to?

J was in town last weekend. We hung out and played Simpsons Uno. Boy I tell ya..the old people sure know how to party donít they?

Itís horribly cold out there..Have you ever noticed that any type of extreme weather gets blamed on global warming or El NiŮo? I donít understand how global warming can make it colder.

UghÖI donít want to write anymore.. ..

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