911 [ 2003/02/12, 8:54 p.m. ]

It is not easy writing an entry while a 20 lb cat is draped across your lap, arms and keyboard. The poor Chancre has been pretty clingy lately. I think he misses his buddy.

A lovely day here in Ohio. After last night's snow squalls with howling winds and zero visibility we are left with just the winds and frigid temperatures. When you live in the flattest place on earth (well, at least in the Midwest) , the wind never stops.

I've eaten dinner (a fried egg samich with fake bacon and a V8) and just tried to help F install his pda. You know.. ..first of all..nothing comes with infuckingstructions anymore. You always have to go online and get tricked into using adobe, or you can print all 338219994 pages out just for the pleasure of having a paper copy. Then they tell you completely worthless bits of information. Finally an online search for the answer solved a problem that was simple to fix but unavoidable given the shady information. I lived with a technical writer for a year in college. He was a smug asshole. Figures. Makes sense now.

I'm addicted to television again. I was down to a few hours a week. Now I can't wait to watch "30 Minute Meals" and the rest of the 6-8p block on the Food Network and "Smallville." I was relieved to see the actor Tom Welling is almost 26 years old which makes me feel like less of a chickenhawk for ogling his beauty. Mmmm.. .. ..anyway..

It's time to get ready for "The West Wing." Ack..more tv. I love this show because I have no idea what is going on..or who these people are.. I know they are fast witty talkers and work for the president.

I love every minute of it.

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