Michael Jackson picks Joe Millionaire to be his bride on the next ET [ 2003/02/18, 7:26 p.m. ]

Well.. ..it looks like the East coast got the shitty storm forecast for us. We did get a nice storm Monday morning which wasn't predicted (of course). The drive to work was fun.. accidents everywhere. Then last night just as I commented to J. that the guy passing me was an idiot for driving so fast, he lost control and smashed into a utility pole. Secretly I was delighted. (He didn't die or anything but he sure fucked up his car.)

My sleep has been shit the last few nights. I'm exhausted and I have a throbbing headache. And I can't get this ##$(%))@ photo editing software to work so I can't show you the nice pic I took this am.

The Chancre slept with my last night. He hasn't done that in months. Now I know he really misses his pal. He spent most of the night pinning my legs to the mattress.

I gave Bitey a bath tonight. He loves water. He's molting and I decided if I was molting I would want a bath. Actually he didn't get a bath it was a shower. Now he's all fresh and pretty. I have a great pic of him too but I can't post it unless you want it to be a huuuuuuuge file that will most like destroy your computer. Stupid software.

Please.. ..I'll give you $100 if you can prevent any further television coverage of Michael Jackson's freakiness. Reality TV, no wonder the French hate us.

Then I read some article about how The Simpsons has jumped the shark and there hasn't been a good episode in 5 years. How dare they! I think the last 3 episodes are just as good as any. Don't be mean to my Homer. Go watch "Joe Millionaire" you ugly lonely old woman.

I'm rambling.. ..my head hurts. I'm out

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