Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart? I do. [ 2003/02/21, 9:22 p.m. ]

Roger got me a Kwik-E-Mart visor! And Media Play (some grumpy old man called R. a rude asshole while we were there) had a bunch of Simpsons stuff on clearance. They practically begged me to wear the numbers off my VISA.

I am weak, I admit it.

Speaking of weaknesses, my name is Chris, and I am a Sam's Clubaholic. How can you NOT buy the 5 lb bag of Craisins when they are only $5.97? And we now have enough paper towels to make it thru the next 3 Level Orange terrorist alerts.

I have a cold sore again.

I was named "Employee of the Month" which was embarrassing as I had to get up in front of the entire agency to get my little award. I only shave every other day and wouldn't you figure that was a non-shaving day. And I was dressed kinda hoggy too. I hate being the center of attention and I know I was bright red. At least I didn't fall down or realize I had a wet pee stain on the front of my pants while I was up there. I did get a nice gift card and a little plaque praising me for my "commitment" and my "positive attitude." Honestly, someone should get a comedy writing award for that one.

There is a winter storm alert thing again. Apparently we are going to get a shitload of snow on top of ice tomorrow. That means those of you 2 states over are going to get slammed and I can work on my tan here in beautiful unseasonably warm Ohio tomorrow. I don't think they've predicted anything correctly yet.

I need to repot my dendrobrium.

R. got a new cat. His name is Simon and he's a cutie. Gray with some cream markings. He has huge ears. He's taken up residence under the living room sofa. The Chancre™ isn't sure what to think. I've tried bribing them with catnip, but they do not want to have anything to do with each other yet.

Wheww..is it hot in here or is it me?

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