Sunday Brunch is what I need [ 2003/03/09, 10:52 a.m. ]

As I limp my way to the big 4-0 (26 days) I realize I am turning into my Father. Last night.. ..the weekend..I was in bed by 10:00. I wish I could go to bed as early on the days I have to get up as I do on the days I don't have to get up.

One time my Mom and Dad were going somewhere and my Mom was farting around the house. My Dad yelled "Hurry up, I don't want to be out till no 6 or 7 o'clock!" That phrase has become legend in my family. It was funny until I caught myself saying something similar (but to be honest I think I at least changed the hours to 8 or 9 o'clock.) In another 15 years I'll be going to bed at 7.

I stopped taking the Vioxx. I couldn't deal with the side effects. In the commercials they don't show Dorothy Hamill doubled over in pain, vomiting blood do they?

I'm hungry..because of the stomach issues I've hardly eaten anything the past 2 days. (A 6" veggie sub, 4 Triscuits™, a fried egg samich, home fries and a toaster strudel.) Isn't that the definition of a well balanced diet? What? Toaster strudels aren't part of the food pyramid? Are you sure? I have a feeling I'm going to make up for the deficit today. Get me to a salad bar!

It started raining last night..the temp was all the way up to 40 degrees. I was excited.. ..Spring is here! I was hoping the snow would be gone when I got up. It wasn't and now we have snow with a nice crust of ice. And it was 11 degrees when I got up.

I gotta eat..I'm dying here.

As if!

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