I love french fries [ 2003/03/13, 7:22 a.m. ]

The animals here love me.

Every morning as soon as my feet hit the floor, Bitey starts singing (his bedroom is beneath mine.) because he knows he'll be uncovered and fed soon. I open my door and Hank and Simon (a.k.a. Humpycat) are waiting there..begging for their breakfast.

This afternoon when I came home from work..one of the squirrels ran down the tree and followed me up the steps to the back porch..he knows I'm a sucker for those beady little eyes.

I am loved.

The other night I got undressed and got in bed. Five minutes later R. came to my room laughing, Humpycat had kidnapped my flannels, dragged them down the stairs and was frottering them in the living room.


Ugh..speaking of freaks.. ..I was prepared to write a blistering entry about the congressional cafeteria's name change of french fries to "freedom fries." It looks like my pal jonathan29 beat me to it. I didn't know the person behind the name change was Robert Ney (R) of OH. What a dickhead! I wonder how many of our tax dollars went into this fiasco? I think I'm going to email him and let him know he's a disgrace to his fellow hillbillies..err Ohioans. At least he doesn't represent my district.

I wonder if he realizes that the word "french" refers to the way the potato is sliced and has nothing to do with France? I think the Republicans just need to stay away from the potatoe [sic] for a while.. ..

Aww.. ..they found Elizabeth Smart alive.. ..at least there was one good thing on the news today.

I set up a wireless network in the house tonight.. ..I didn't swear, cry or threaten anyone at Microsoft. Touch me..please.

Wooooooooooooooooohoooooooo.. .. .. ..temps in the 60's this weekend.

Snow tonight tho.

Ack! I can't post this entry..the server is being moved or something. I guess I'll do it in the morning.

Ha! I emailed Bob Ney's office..now watch..the IRS will audit me.

Several hours later.. ..

I broke the corkscrew..thank God I'm handy with the pliers!

Hmm.. ..i just did one of those AOL surveys that will give you a credit on your account. I answered all these questions about my car and the type of alkie I drink..then the last question asked if I watch Sex and the City? How random is that?

Maybe they are trying to count the number of Sarah Jessica-Parker fans who own a Dodge and drink cheap wine?

The next morning.. ..blah..freezing rain and snow. The news is reporting many accidents. I'd better get my snatch moving..it looks like a torturous commute

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