Bottom Feeding [ April 24, 2003, 10:29 p.m. ]

I was catching up on the news the other day when I came across a Reuters story with the headline ”Madonna Releases New Album Amid Brutal Reviews”I was interested because I hadn’t read any reviews of her new album. So I went to 4 “entertainment” websites. Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, USA Today and Billboard. All 4 gave the album a positive review. Billboard even compared her to Joni Mitchell. This confused me. Then today Reuters ran another story with the headline “Madonna Slams American Values.” Of course the story wasn’t as scandalous and when the quote is put into it’s proper context, you learn she was referring to the value we place on wealth and good looks.. ..herself included.

Martha Stewart was savaged by the media for her dirty stock dealings. I think she got more bad press than all of the dickheads at Enron combined. And their lying and cheating resulted in thousands of people losing their jobs.

Why are we so obsessed with discrediting successful women? Reuters could have printed the album got good reviews, but the media has learned that sleaze sells. The other night I heard a promo for the latest Entertainment Tonight promising Laci Peterson’s baby pictures. When did we become a society that viewed a dead woman’s pictures as entertainment? Mary Hart’s cheerful promise of “an ET First” made me fucking sick.

I really hate the media..

The city of Toledo came out with a new campaign to get people to visit our fair city.

Except someone pointed out that the sign could read Tole d’oh! I would be honored to live in a city that embraced the Simpsons. At least people would think we were cool. Hell..we don’t even have our own crack whores..we have to import them from Detroit.

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