We all scream for it [ May 11, 2003, 6:57 p.m. ]

I had three nights alone this week. I was really looking forward to getting things done and living the high life.. ..the following conversation pretty much sums things up:

ToledoKev [9:22 PM]: i planted today

KwyjiboHank [9:26 PM]: yay

KwyjiboHank [9:26 PM]: sadness

KwyjiboHank [9:26 PM]: thereís a hillbilly cuttin at my trees

KwyjiboHank [9:28 PM]: dear god

KwyjiboHank [9:28 PM]: its awful

KwyjiboHank [9:28 PM]: but it needed done

ToledoKev [9:28 PM]: i also made homemade potato salad, grilled corn on the cob, burgers, and made a fresh salad

KwyjiboHank [9:28 PM]: i had chex mix

Ugh.. ..one of the trees that didnít get butchered by the above mentioned hillbilly blew down this afternoon. Dammit! I loved the fact that I live in the middle of the city but all the trees completely blocked the view of living in the middle of the city. Now Iím convinced that the neighbors can see me on the shitter.

I did see some orioles tho. And Iíve convinced myself that the trees donít look that bad. At least I can plant something other than impatients and ferns this year. (Iím trying to be positive.. ..get offa me.)

Oooo.. ..speaking of good things..I have been desperately searching for a Flavor-burstô ice cream place ever since the one near me closed 2 summers ago. I really donít like ice cream but when they make it all striped and pretty I canít help myself.

So..Iím sittin in Red Robin and from the window I can see this sign for ice cream. Hallelujah! Look what they serve!

You know..this entry was a lot more entertaining in my head.. ..now I realize it just sucks.

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