Gettin ready to plant [ May 18, 2003, 9:20 a.m. ]

Itís been almost a week since Iíve written in here. Thatís a long time for me. Blah. I guess I donít have anything worth recording. I donít feel the need to document ďI went to bed at 10, got up at 6:30, went to work, came home. Rinse and repeat x6.

Iíve been having a little health problem for some time. Iíve been avoiding it because I know the Dr. will want to do a very unpleasant medical procedure. But..I canít ignore it any longer. Thursday I see the Doc. Iíll know more then. Ugh.

I bought the first season of Futurama on DVD.

Interruptions.. ..interruptions. I forgot what happens when you create a new AOL screen name. Iíve received 4 IMís for sex in the last 5 mins. Married guys, teens and someone whoís hobbies are ďlatex and K Y.Ē Hmm..they never show that in the commercials do they?

Went to Rhouse on Thurs. It was full of the usual losers, barflies and fat fag hags that dominate the Toledo scene. I just donít understand the appeal of going out and seeing the same shit over and over and over. Ladies..I have a tip for ya. Stop hanging out at gay look pathetic. And men, it is not pretty to drink so much you are stumbling around and/or lying on the floor. I left about 12:30 when the smoke was making my eyes feel like I had just swabbed them with Clorox.

Ew..last night I looked out the back door and thought Simon had escaped and was sitting on the porch. It was a raccoon. I know who dug up my cactus.

Well..I have a shitload of flowers to plant. Yesterday we bought impatients, salvia, begonias, marigolds, petunias.. .. .. .. .. .. Iím going to play garden fag for a while.

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