Lame-O [ May 26, 2003, 7:34 a.m. ]

Oh God I feel yucky

And itís my own fault.

The weather did improve yesterday..and I spent the majority of the day crawling around in the dirt. Boy I was one sweaty pig! I was so busy I kinda forgot to eat very much.

So.. ..I felt like celebrating a bit and had some wine (I know I know.. ..the Dr. said alcohol will make my stomach worse.. ..get offa me. Surely a few glasses wouldnít hurt me.)

My tummy is fine..but sweet jesus the rest of me is a mess! I went to bed at 1:00am and was up at 5:30 with a terrible headache. I couldnít fall back asleep. So the last day of my three day weekend and Iím up before the sun. Iíve got one of those headache/sweaty hangovers and I really need to go back to bed. Iíve tried but I just toss and turn and think about how nasty white merlot is.

Iím supposed to go to A2 today.. 5 hours. Blah! I donít know if I can do it.. ..the thought of riding in a car makes me sick. Then walking around town.. ..and eating.. ..and having to be pleasant.

And Iím going with J & L.. ..who broke up a few months ago..and now they are hanging out together? J. was sooo obnoxious and needy after it happened. I seriously was considering shipping him off to the booby hatch. And now they are hanging out as if nothing happened? You know what this means..theyíll have to break up again and then J. can be tragic some more. Iím not sure I want to deal with that again. I know I sound insensitive but you really needed to be there. It was obnoxious and it left me completely drained. Maybe itís his complete helplessness, or his lack of insight, or his resistance to changing those things that L. dumped him over.

Iíve decided that straight men are pigs.

Oh yuck.. some freakshow is IMíing me, wanting me to ďplayĒ with his ass.. .. ..I canít deal with this right now.

Time to go.

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