Dysfunction [ May 28, 2003, 8:50 a.m. ]

I really want to use my new template..but itís on the other puter and this one doesnít have Front Page which is what used to make this template.


I hate that other puter..it sucks and itís slow. I would buy some sort of web page design software but I canít find anything that looks worthwhile (and cheap). Any ideas out there?

I still felt like caca yesterday..it must be these medications. Feeling nauseous and near fainting all the time is beginning to depress me. I took today off when I realized I had almost 60 hours of vacation to use by the end of June. I think Iím going to plant some more. I still have 3 flats of impatients and some salvia to play with. Plus the castors are ready to go into the ground.. ..and the sunflowers.

I didnít go to A2 on Monday. We just bummed around town. Iím not sure whatís going on between J and L. I think they are trying to be friends, which rarely works out. And J. was al whiney and passive/aggressive. He was shitty with me because I am leaving town this weekend and I wonít be there to help him move (again.) Iím so frustrated with him. He canít appreciate what youíve done for him, he has to be critical of what you arenít doing for him. I honestly wonder if I can continue a friendship with him at this point. Of course, L said her step father was willing to help but J. turned that down. Damned if you do and damned if you donít.

Soon after he and L. broke up, he mentioned that G. would be a perfect partner for him if she were more attractive. I was stunned he could say something so incredibly insensitive about one of my closest and dearest friends. It was as if she had no choice in the matter.. ..as if she was obligated to date him just because he said so. His last 3 girl friends have dumped him for the exact same reasons..his lack of ambition, his drug use and his anti-social tendencies. He is not willing to change those (ďbecause no woman is going to tell ME how to live my life.Ē And in the rare event that he does compromise, he makes sure to mention it enough times and make rude comments that it spoils the whole thing. I donít think I can do it much longer.

Yay.. .. ..60 degrees.. ..I think I can get some stuff down outside now.

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