My big gay blonde moment [ June 10, 2003, 9:43 p.m. ]

Last week while driving home from work, something smelled like it was burning in my car. I finally decided it was the truck in front of me.

The next day while driving home, my AC wasnít getting cold. I was NOT happy. I thought all sorts of hateful things about Daimler-Chrysler. I dug through my paperwork and decided it WAS still under warranty. I stewed about it for a few hours. I couldnít understand why an 18-month-old car could be having this problem.

Later that night I had to run a few errands. When I got in the car..I noticed it immediately.

You order for the AC to function properly..the HEAT must be off. I am sooo happy the service department wasnít open or they would most likely still be laughing at the silly queen who couldnít figure out what the red part of the temperature control signified. Of course.. ..letís blame the Ohio weather where you need to use the heat and the AC in the same day.

Oh piss off..Iím usually not this stupid.

Bought the new Annie Lennox today. I had a chance to preview it last week and then rockymtrangr gave it a thumbs up (although I still want to know how he got a copy of it before it was released..fess up honey.) I had to have it. (Actually I would have bought it even if I knew nothing about it..I loves me some Annie.) Iíve also decided that Madonnaís American Life CD is the best CD sheís released. And I was pretty disappointed when I first heard it. Most of the songs are slow and not very radio friendly. Later I decided those are the reasons I DO like it. Itís simple and stripped down..techno folky sounding with beautiful harmonies.

I was so bored on Sunday I watched a documentary about the history of indoor plumbing. I sat transfixed in front of the mighty altar of passive entertainment amazed that there was so much about a toilet that I didnít know.

The fucking moles or chipmunks dug up an entire bed of flowers. And then tonight I realized something else..I didnít get any hives this year. I donít get it..last year I got hives any time I was outside for more than 30 mins..this year Iím fine. I was a bit itchy earlier but it was a false alarm, just itch.. no bumps.

Occasionally I take an Ambien if I know Iíve screwed up my sleep schedule and Iím going to toss and turn. I took one Sunday night and it made me sleepwalk. I vaguely remember waking up and finding myself looking out my bedroom window..sans glasses which means I wasnít seeing anything 4Ē away from my eyes. I thought ďI shouldnít be awake..I took an AmbienĒ and that was it.. ..thatís all I remember. And I didnít remember this until this morning while I was getting ready for work.

Ew..mexican food is definitely a tummy no no.

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