Dumbass [ June 13, 2003, 7:02 p.m. ]

So this morning my phone is ringing as soon as I get in..it’s a coworker (let’s call her Dumbass) and she wants to know if I have listened to my voice mail yet. I told her I had not and asked what she needed. She said.. ..

“Well, just listen to my message and call me back and we can talk about it.”

What the fuck? Although I wanted to push the “electrocute caller” button on my phone (wouldn’t it be fabulous if such a button existed?) I suggested she just go ahead and talk to me about it now.. ..she said.. ..

“Oh I don’t want to bother you, I just wanted to know if you had listened to my message, just call me when you have time.”

In the nicest tone I could manage coming off a terrible night’s sleep, no caffeine and a 60 minute construction zone commute in the rain behind a huuuuuuuge truck I suggested she just (fucking) go ahead and tell me what (was so fucking important at 8:20am) she needed, so I wouldn’t have to (fucking) track her (fucking stupid dumb ass) down later. She said..

“Oh I can’t talk right now, I’ll have to call you back.” CLICK

So I listened to the message and besides the fact that what she is babbling about has nothing to do with me she ends the message with.. ..

“I’m not going to be available until after noon so don’t call me until then.”

And.. ..she left the message at 4:30pm yesterday which means that only 50 business minutes had elapsed since she left the message.. ..about twenty minutes later my phone rings..it’s Dumbass asking if I had listened to the message.. ..I explain that she should call her supervisor for answers to her questions.. ..and reminded her of my role on the treatment team for the 2293056 time.

My officemate (who had just walked in) looks over after I hung up and said..

“Oh..you were talking to Dumbass weren’t you?”

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