Happy Birthday Hanky [ June 17, 2003, 8:45 p.m. ]

Sunday was Hankyís 8th birthday. To celebrate he slept in the chair in the upstairs hallway for 6 hours before flipping to the other side for another 6 hours. He really knows how to party doesnít he? At least he wonít get bed sores.

R and I went to my parentís for Fatherís Day. While we were sitting on the deck, the little wimpy 4 lb cat has some issues with my brother-in-lawís 80 lb dog. While the dog was minding her own business sitting at my feet.. .. ..the cat attacked her. So the dog attacked the cat back. Suddenly the other 3 cats came to the rescue and all of them attacked the dog.. ..the dog that was sitting at my feet.

No animals were injured but my hands and legs looked like Tippi Hendren after the birds got her. While I was washing MY blood off my feet, I noticed my feet have little Birkenstock tan lines.

The horror!

Of course, seeing my family meant I missed Gay Day at Cedar Point. I make a point to miss Gay Day every year. I canít imagine a more horrible time than spending my day in a sweaty amusement park with a buncha queers. And Iím not going to waste 40 bucks to go there on a weekend either.

I donít really feel the need to commune with my fellow homosexuals.

Ugh..I just asphyxiated myself cleaning the bathroom. Do not go overboard on the Clorox Clean-Up unless you want your nose to feel like Stevie Nicks after a week-long coke binge.

R. daughter and grandson are coming tonight. (Hmm..have I ever mentioned Iím a step-grandmother?). We are going to the zoo on Thursday..thatís the hightlight of my week.

Iím tired..my sleep has been for shit for about the past week. I donít know why either. Last night I couldnít get comfortable.. ..blinds up..blinds down..quilt on..quilt off..air on..air off..remade the bed.. ..drank some water..peed..took a shower.. ..changed blankets.. ..rinse ..repeat. Finally about 2:30am I fell asleep.. ..and up at 6:30am to work. Blah!

It hasnít been like that in a long time. And tonight I feel awful. And my stomach hurts because I cheated and had 4 little squares of a Mint Ritter Sport. I have no self control..none at all.

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