Knee high by the Fourth of July [ July 08, 2003, 8:31 p.m. ]

I just finished HP5. I made myself slow down towards the end. I wanted to make sure I could find another book to read. Thatís where ďFast Food NationĒ came in but I actually started reading that in addition to HP5.

The book was very dark, lots of kids are going to have nightmares over this one. I thought it was completely entertaining tho. I like to say things like ďI canít believe Hermione dies!Ē to people who are reading it. (Oh quit bitching..Iím joking..arenít I?) Once, my sister dragged me to see ďSister ActĒ and I said loudly before the movie started.. ďI heard this was a good movie but itís so sad that they kill Whoopi at the end!Ē People were livid and so nasty after that..itís ďSister ActĒ for goddsakes..get over it.

The weather has been hot, humid and stormy. It seems like everyday there is a horrendous thunderstorm. My gardens will be fabulous. Plus mother nature is paying for the water.. ..not me. Itís amazing to see how fast corn can grow when the weather is like this. I bet itís grown 2-3 feet in the past 4 days. And since my commute is a 45 minute drive through a cornfield..I get to see alot of it.

I had to work out of one of our satellite offices today. When I got home the news was showing incredible storm damage near my office. I missed the whole thing. I canít reach anyone from work to find out if there was damage to our building. Itís probably better I wasnít there..because even tho Iím all excited when we get a storm..when it gets down to a really horrible storm..I tend to panic and turn into my Mother.

And that can be as unstable as the atmosphere.

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