Holy God it Hurt [ July 21, 2003, 5:22 p.m. ]

Cleveland was soooo much fun.

It only took about 80 mins to get there thanks to the Michigan drivers who forced me to go 80 the whole time just so I wouldn’t get rear ended.

The Cleveland Farmer’s Market is amazing. And cheap. Of course I have no idea what I am going to do with 20 lemons but they were only 2 bucks. I guess I’ll be drinking a lot of iced tea. I thought about making sorbet but that seems like alotta work.

Saturday night I had an amazing dinner. I had a soup trio thing.. ..the soups were watermelon peppercorn, cantaloupe ginger and honeydew spice. OMFG it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten. And the deserts were heaven. I’m pretty sure I gained 6 lbs but I’m not sure I want to weigh myself for a few days. I am making that cantaloupe soup this week. I know I have a recipe somewhere. The tummy held up pretty well too, even after 2 gallons of sangria.

Sunday we completely slobbed around. We went to see Chicago for 50 cents. And the theater was nice. Our cheap theater is a shit hole and it still costs ya $2.50. I did a little light shopping on the way home and took my time. I love J. She’s hilarious.

I think I am going to get my tit pierced today. At least that’s what I say now.. ..I’ll be back later.

5:10 pm


I did it.

It hurts like hell.

While I was at the piercing place I noticed a woman with her young (13-14) son. I was surprised when SHE was the one who went back to get pierced. She was pretty trashy lookin tho. Imagine his “what I did on my summer vacation” essay.. ..

“One day me an’ Momma went to git her clit pierced.. ..”

Eww..speaking of pierced clits.. ..there was a monitor in the waiting area showing various pics of piercings. I looked up and was treated to a triple-hooped labia surrounded by grey pubic hair. Who’s grandmother has a triple-pierced labia? Mine doesn’t..

I hope.

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