If you've got nothing to say, show them pictures! [ July 26, 2003, 10:31 p.m. ]

I got some nice notes from my d-land pals this week. Thanks! You realize that being gay means I have the ďdrama queen gene.Ē I know things arenít that bad. I wasnít cutting at my wrists or anything. (Although the bird did almost make me cry.) I also got an email from someone who read I had once painted my toenails and he wanted a pic of my feet in sandals. Perv.

So I sent one to him..I felt so naughty. If my feet end up on some foot fetish website I shall be truly honored. Youíll be able to identify my feet by my Birkiô tan lines.

I swear.. ..cats are so fucking weird. The living room floor is being refinished. Why would you choose to lay here?

He loves this big empty room. I donít get it.

I went shopping tonight (gay and depressed.. ..must go shopping) and found this:

Itís a model of ďThe Homer,Ē the car that put Powell Motors out of business. I canít wait to put it together.

G. sent some pics she took last summer. One of them was of me and R. It was awful. I look like I weigh 300lbs and R. thinks he looks 60. I donít think I'll be posting THAT one.

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