Dutchity dutchity dutchity..manila envelope [ August 04, 2003, 9:01 p.m. ]

Iím exhausted.

I was out of town all weekend. I agreed to help D move. I was a SWEATY FILTHY pig. She and her brother argued in Dutch. Occasionally they would throw in an English word. G and I hid behind the garage because we were uncomfortable. On the way to Columbus I dropped off birthday gifts for my Dad and sister. They showed me pictures of my grandparentís 83rd birthday party. Each of them had requested a ride on the back of my Dadís Harley to celebrate. I wonít ride on that thing but my octogenarian family members will.

Go figure.

I spent several hours this afternoon huddled in the hallway at work during a tornado warning. A coworker sighted the funnel clouds on her way back to the office. I did get to reschedule an appointment with a rather unpleasant woman though. But..Iím pretty sure my new crackhead stole my best pen. I am not impressed.

And I know I am going to have tornado dreams tonight.

The slugs are devouring my marigolds. I hate them.. the slugs not the marigolds. If I can stay awake I am going slug hunting.

The new Foo Fighters video rocks. Jack Black has no shame.. ..no shame at all.

I bought Running with Scissors on Thursday and have almost finished it. And I thought I had a fucked up childhood.. ..

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