And the director yells "Cut!" [ August 09, 2003, 10:07 a.m. ]

This has been brutal week at work. Iíve been incredibly busy and put into situations that I donít want to be in. Iíve met with family members who want me to fix the ďsystemĒ when clearly (at least in this case) the system is working. Oh and the ďsystemĒ I am defending is not even my mine, but another agencyís. But parents often want to simplify these things and make it a total US vs THEM situation.

Another tornado warning while working. Have you ever been in a car with a schizophrenic during a tornado?

I have.

Considering I am usually about an inch away from getting hysterical in these situations as it is, I thought I did a wonderful job. Iím not sure she would agree but I can always blame that on her illness (OMG thatís an awful thing to say!)

So of course I had the tornado dream that night. And as usual I crouched in the safest place my dream would allow while the house was torn apart around me.

Weds night I got together with a friend for dinner and we came back to my place to watch some DVDís. Sheís gotten her hands on the entire SWC collection including a segment of hilarious bloopers. Sheís one of those people who chatters non-stop during a program then asks you to rewind it because they missed the funniest line. But we had a great time. She seemed surprised that I kicked her out at midnite because I had to go to bed.

I didnít fall asleep until well after 2am. My sleep was terrible and filled with ridiculous nightmares. Often when I dream I stop the action to ponder I point just made almost like a director yelling ďcut.Ē The dream ďactorsĒ stand around while I think about the situation and when I finish the imaginary director yells ďactionĒ and the dream continues.

Does anyone else do this? The problem the other night was.. dream was about people keying into my apartment trying to make it appear as tho I had participated in the planning of a terrorist attack. When I would stop the action, I would think about whether or not I had given anyone a spare key.. ..and not the fact that I do not live in an apartment or have a sister who is part of a terrorist organization.

I want to see The Magdalene Sisters but itís not playing anywhere in po-dunk Northwest Ohio. I was even willing to drive to Ann Arbor today. Iíve been intrigued with the story of the Magdalene Laundries since I heard a story on NPR and then saw an interview with some of the women on 60 Minutes. My dear Joni even wrote a song about it. I guess Iíll have to wait 6 more months to see it.

Next Tuesday Futurama Season 2 comes out on DVD, the following week Chicago is out, the following week itís Simpsons Season 3 and then Sleeping Beauty the week after that. (Donít laugh at Sleeping Beauty..itís a beautiful film made when animation was still drawn by hand and Disney films didnít come with candy bar, paper towels and underwear tie ins).

Well..itís time to be productive. entry with no pictures to make it look like Iíve actually written something in here!

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