"Thou shalt not shove religion down my throat" [ August 29, 2003, 10:01 a.m. ]

Dear Diary,

I have nothing new to write about but I feel obligated to put something here. I’m off for the next 4 glorious days. I have no plans and THAT is fabulous. R and I were going to drive up the the lakeshore and bum around but the weather is hot and rainy. We might go anyway.

I’ve watched Chicago about 100 times. The director’s commentary is so interesting. Why didn’t I go into filmmaking? I would love a job like that. Of course I have no creative juices whatsoever so I’d be making films like Gigli and Home Alone IX.

I’m sick of hearing about the Ten Commandments monument. Roy Moore is a freakshow. He put that monument there without permission, he ignored the Constitution and is costing tax payers millions just to prove his little point. These are probably the same people that are against gun control because the Constitution promises “the right to bear arms.” You can’t get to the Amendment II without reading the Amendment I. And that amendment promises “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;.. ..We aren’t talking about a discreet reference to the Ten Commandments but nearly 3 tons of Bible thumpin sittin right there in the STATE COURTHOUSE. Not everyone using that courthouse practices the religion the monument references. These are also the same people that pick and choose the parts of the bible they want to live by..when it’s convenient. Damn you, Adam and Steve.

Toledo recently passed a smoking ban in all restaurants and bars. I’m so excited I could pee. I will be able to go out again without wheezing for 2 days. No more clothes that smell like smoke. No more burning eyes. Of course there is drama drama drama. Poor smokers.. ..go kill yourself somewhere else and leave my air alone.

I’ll finally comment on “Queer Eye.” I tried really hard to hate it. The concept is insulting. I am queer and I have none of the expertise the “Fab 5” have. I live in fear someone is going to approach me and ask my advice on their pore size or their mix and match textures. Would there ever be a program where 5 black guys make a white guy over? (Pick 5 offensive African-American stereotypes and insert here). And why oh why does Carson have to touch every one of the straight guys in the crotchy region? Despite this.. ..I think it’s hilarious to watch them completely rip the guy’s place to shreds and mock everything he stands for and believes in. I may be deficient in other areas but I’ve got the “bitchy” stereotype perfected.

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