I cleaned my desk [ September 09, 2003, 8:14 p.m. ]

Itís dark when I get up in the morning now for work. I really dislike getting up in the dark. I feel groggy all the time. Another sure sign of a change in seasons..I bought a new winter coat. Yuck.

Last night I had some fucked up dreams as usual. No more History Channel before bed. I was watching a program about the construction of the World Trade Center. Then I realized how the program would end so I turned it off. Iím not ready to watch that all over again.

For the next 2 weeks I am only watching cartoons.

I think GW is gonna be a one term loser like his old man.

Several times now, Iíve seen hummingbirds looking in the kitchen window at me. They always seem to be buzzing around the yard. Iíve been hand feeding squirrels grapes lately too. They seem to like them but I hope Iím not giving them the shits.

Hmm.the shits..that reminds me. I discovered this little Thai restaurant and have been there enough times that the woman knows my name and she reminded me she is closed on Sundays. The vegetable pad thai is unbelievable. I only had Thai food once before I discovered this place, about 12 years ago and I got food poisoning. The kind of food poisoning where your skin turns green, your bed spins and you have to plop on the toilet while dry heaving into a trash can. Luckily, this place seems to be pretty clean. Iím in heaven.

I think my nippie is pretty well healed. And the other day I actually had the crazy thought.. ďI should get the other one done!Ē I quickly talked myself out of that idea. No more piercings for me. I promise.

Hmm..I gotta go make dinner.. ..Iíll finish this later.


Yanno.. ..Morningstar Farms Fake Bacon (I call it Fake-un) makes the best BLTís. Yum! Ugh I ate too much.

Procrastination ..what a lovely word. I wrote on 12-23-02 that I was going to clean my desk. I completed the task on 9-5-03. Iím a mess.

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