Vacation [ September 19, 2003, 5:46 p.m. ]

I have no excuse for my absence.

Iíve been busy.

I thought about writing. .but Iím glad I didnít. Entries where I whine about traffic or stupid support staff are fatto alla morte , yanno?

I have the next 9 days off. R. and I are gonna take a little roadtrip next week. I hope I can sleep. I donít do well away from home and my monkey.

40 years and looking great!

Actually..itís sad that the highlight of my week was getting all teary and excited because Miranda confessed her love to Steve and he confessed his in return. I have become one of those psycho TV nerds that thinks of television characters as real life friends. One night I considered calling Steve to let him know that Miranda still had feeling for him. This was in that brief moment before you fall asleep and you start to have one of those hallucinogenic dreams (actually they are called hypnogogic hallucinations.)

My sister got married today. She didnít want a big wedding. We are going to visit tomorrow and hit the local festival. It should be another cultural bonanza.

Iím addicted to those brown sugar frosted mini-wheats. And I made a huuuuge amount of Chex Mixô and ate a huuuuuuuuuge amount of Chex Mixô. I have no cereal control.

Iím thinking about a few glasses of wine tonight. I think thatís a great way to start a vacation.

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