Home Again [ September 27, 2003, 9:33 a.m. ]

Well I’m back from my little road trip. It was a good time but I’m glad to be home. I like my own bed, my own towels. I missed the cat. I’ve read 3 books since I’ve been off. I’ve forgotten how much work interferes with my leisure activities.

I managed to survive the Mackinac Bridge. I wasn’t thrilled about the high wind warning either.

It wasn’t as bad as the Tampa Bay Bridge, I’d give it a 6. Of course if I’d been driving I would never have made it across. You know what there is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan?

Nothing but bait and fudge shops.

We walked around in the pouring rain for a while before we decided to go back to our room. I read some more.

Next up was the Sleeping Bear Dunes. It rained. It was dark and gloomy. I think the pics still turned out pretty good tho.

I tried to take some pics from the observation deck (according to the huge warning sign it was on the edge of a 450’ bluff). I couldn’t do it. The winds were probably 30-40 mph and I was convinced I was going to fall off. I made it to the end, plopped on the bench and sat there petrified. We did a few dune hikes..it rained. I was tired from draggin my fat snatch up and down those hills of sand. We went back to the room.

I read some more.

Then we were off to Saugatuck. Gay mecca of the Midwest. I didn’t think it was so gay. Sure it was full of “quaint” little shops and restaurants, but it was off season. You can’t be “seen” off season. I could imagine the queens squealing with delight when they saw the Wizard of Oz figurines. There was a “collectible” toy store. I spent a long time there. I wish my brother hadn’t destroyed everything I had as a kid. I could be rich.

We stayed at a gay resort. It was quiet. Our cottage was nice. I spent most of the day laying on the couch.. ..

.. ..reading.

We went to the bar at the resort that night, stood in the corner and made up stories about people. There was the drama queen, every gaggle of fags has at least one of these in the group. You know the one that gets drunk, starts sobbing because his boyfriend cheated on him or he got a bad haircut. Usually everyone in the group takes turns consoling him before he gets mad and disappears into the night and the rest of the group’s night is ruined because they have to do a search and rescue mission. We watched this drama and identified the rest of the group. There was the hot bodybuilder guy. He’s in the group to attract a circle of buff admirers. There was the fat guy who’s just there hoping for some sloppy seconds from the cute one. And then the older guy.. ..the only one with a car. It doesn’t matter where you go..the crowd is always the same.

We went back to the cottage. I read some more.

So now I am home and I have to go back to work on Monday. I week sure goes by fast when you are doing nothing.

How was your week?

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