Keeping my fingers crossed [ October 14, 2003, 8:25 p.m. ]

Iím suffering a serious case of writerís block.

As I drive home I think about things I could put in here, but when I get here, I canít seem to form anything coherent. Then I give up and look at porn.


There are some BIG things going on in my life but I donít want to write them here yet. Hopefully by the weekend Iíll have some news. Hopefully good news.

The fall colors here are amazing this year. In the yard, the walnut and ash trees are bright yellow, the burning bushes are bright red. Everyday I drive to work and wish I had brought my camera. However, today we have had heavy rain, and tonight and tomorrow is going to be windy. I fear come morning all the beautiful colors will be gone, replaced by piles of soggy dirty leaves.

I remember when I was a kid, we would spend hours raking leaves into piles and jumping and playing in them. I remember it vividly, the smell and the itchiness of the leaves on my back. Then (in the olden days this was allowed) the piles would be raked into the street and burned. I love the smell of burning leaves. We canít do that anymore, stupid ozone layer.. ..

The attic door was open the other day. Nobody had been in the attic. :/

And great news.. dendrobium is getting ready to bloom.

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