Movin on up [ October 26, 2003, 10:32 a.m. ]

Iím finally ready to divulge the big secret.

R and I are moving.

Woooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooo!!!

In fact, as I write this, my belongings are in boxes thrown all over two houses. By early next week Iíll have kissed Ghetto-Lite goodbye. The whole moving idea has been in the works for a while. I just didnít want to write too much about it here. I was worried I would jinx the plans and I didnít want to answer a bunch of questions until I had answers.

I have answers.

The new neighborhood is wonderful and soooo quiet. We will be able to sit outside without hearing busses, trucks and booming bass vibrating the windows. We can walk to the zoo. We have a view of the river and woods. And..the best bakery in the world is right down the street. There is a hill. A HILL! Those are hard to come by in NW Ohio.

The new house is amazing and as unique as the one we are leaving.

This is the view of the living room from the dining room. Look at those colors out the front windows. The house has almost everything we were looking for except gardening opportunities. Iíll be able to manage something tho, and Iím ready for the challenge and the chance to make this new space mine. Itís gonna be work. Hell, itís already been work. A LOT OF WORK.

Now..being rather obsessive-compulsive, I had a whole plan for moving. Each day we would accomplish certain goals so that we didnít have a huge disorganized mess on our hands. The first step was to get the house ready to move. R. and I havenít had any days off together, so heíd be doing his work during the day and Iíd be doing mine in the evening. By the weekend we would be ready to move some of the furniture and non-essentials. Everything was going to be packed in an organized manner. I would know exactly where everything was the minute the box hit the floor.

Monday night I had a meltdown.

R had the day off work and had planned on cleaning the floors. When I got home from work, he had done 1 room. While I jokingly refer to myself as having obsessive-compulsive disorder, R. really has it-diagnosed and everything. Someday I will describe his laundry rituals as best I can (they are difficult to comprehend.) I assumed he was caught up in some OCD ritual and wasnít able to do more than one room at the house. I was pissy and suddenly realized the move may not be as smooth as I had hoped. We went to Loweís for blinds where I learned my bedroom windows are odd sized and I would have to order nice expensive blinds. I was so pissed at this point I told R. not to talk to me. If Loweís really wanted to increase their profits, they could have in-store divorce attorneys available.

I went to bed tragic and mad.

Then on Tuesday morning, I burned my hand on a Pop-Tart.. .. work. (Ugh..yes..I am a Pop Tart man.) The damn toaster wasnít working and the icing caught on fire. When I pulled it out of the toaster it landed on my right palm, icing side down.

OK..I couldnít use my right hand, my plans are even more fucked up. So Tuesday night and Wednesday I just stayed home and packed as best I could. I didnít get a chance to go to the new house at all. By Thursday I felt I could don a pair of rubber gloves and get that kitchen cleaned up.

It was soon apparent that Rís slow pace had nothing to do with OCD and everything to do with the family of swine that last occupied this home. The kitchen was filthy. Iíve spent about 6.5 hours just cleaning the counters and cabinets. I donít know how people can live like that. There were times when I started to gag as I scrubbed years of grime off the INSIDE of the drawers. Buy stock in Clorox my friends, Iíll make you millions.

Yesterday I fixed the garage door opener, programmed a thermostat, and finished the kitchen. I also managed to overflow the dishwasher. I started the upstairs bath but was too disgusted to finish. I can only handle so much filth in one week. Iíll tackle it this week. Today Iíll take another load of non-essentials over.

R. has been battling the phone company demons for over a week. We werenít going to get a land line since we both have cell phones but Monday night I had to call my bankís help line and was on the phone for 45 mins. I wasnít going to suck up my minutes for othersí incompetent boobery. We decided to get a regular phone. R. called yesterday again and talked to 6 different people and was disconnected twice. They promised to call back by 2pm with our new number. They didnít

SBC is the anti-christ.

Well.. ..todayís goal is to pack the CDís and DVDís and finish unpacking the kitchen. It looks like Iíd better get it in gear.

God Iím tired.

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