Random week in review [ November 24, 2003, 12:38 p.m. ]

I’m happy I don’t watch much “family hour” television because I’ve managed to avoid most of the commercials for “Mike Myers as Dr. Suess’ “Cat in the Hat!” But a trip to the store world has become a commercial . It’s full of ““Mike Myers as Dr. Suess’ “Cat in the Hat!” merchandise or shameless tie-ins. Garbage bags, cereal, batteries, clothing, chocolate bars, foil, toys etc.. ..I know I never want to see “Mike Myers as Dr. Suess’ “Cat in the Hat!” The Movie!

If a movie has a toothbrush..chances are I don’t want to see it.

A Eureka Steam Cleaner is a wonderful thing.

Michael Jackson is a freak. Why would parents let their kids spend the night with him anyway? But you know what pisses me off? There are videos of R. Kelly pissing on 14 year-old girls and he’s still releasing albums and getting awards. Does Michael get extra points for liking the boys?

Ew.. ..bad visual.

Moving on:

Rupert is a drama queen. John must die.

I need to email my mom some gift ideas.. ..blah.

I’ve been an e bay whore. I love my Fiesta.

R. and I went to Westfield Works Wonders! Some stupid discount shopping fundraiser thing at the mall. Horrifuckingble. There were 12,000 people there, snatching at the free food like they hadn’t eat eaten in weeks. This pissed me off because I couldn’t snatch at the free food like I hadn’t eaten in weeks.

Megalophobia There are 2 huge electricity generating windmills near here. The first in Ohio. I had feelings of anxiety when I saw them. Large objects always make me anxious.. .. Megalophobia (fear of large objects).

Ugh.. ..the city was just here to replace our water meter. I haven’t been feeling all that great this morning. Nothing like hearing “We’ll have to shut the water off” when all want to do is spend some quality time with the toilet.

All major prjects are finished except my bedroom. It’s a disaster. Oh well..I have a few days off. Let’s get organized.. ..right?

Or..I could just sit here a while longer.

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