Happy Birthday Jesus! [ December 25, 2003, 10:41 a.m. ]

Iíve survived another Christmas. I did have a few holiday-related meltdowns however.

I found out on Tues that my sister WAS coming from IA and now I still had gifts to buy. Ugh. My sister and I did some quick negotiating and she agreed to get their gifts for me..and the gifts for the parents would be from the both if us. Crisis averted.

Here is a cookie tray I made. Iím never baking again. Ten different types of cookies. Thereís nothing like adding that stress to your holiday. I was nuts when I said I would do it.

And even though the weather forecast changed from no snow, 3Ē of snow, rain to a light dusting of snow, I managed to drive to my parents in the little snow band that dumped 6-8 inches. Our weather forecasters are retards. But when I got back home, no snow here at all.

This morning itís pouring from the sky. Thatís ok, Christmas is the only time I really want to see snow.


The other morning as I was leaving for work, R and I had our normal boring morning conversation. Nothing out of the ordinary. When I got home, he had a brand new car. Not that I was surprised. R is one of those people that is always dreaming about his next car. Iím sure by now the novelty has worn off and heís looking at the next automobile purchase.

Last night I dazzled my family with my amazing knowledge of pop culture. I kicked ass playing the Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit game. Honestly, I figured everyone knew Geena Davis dated Renny Harlin after Jeff Goldblum. What was so hard about that one? Straight people..I tell ya.

Hmm..I should be wrapping gifts instead of sitting here. OK, I ADMIT IT I HAVENíT WRAPPED A FUCKING THING. GET OFFA ME! My gay skills are all kitchen-related.

Which reminds me. I want the Fab Five to buy me a bunch of amazing Crate and Barrel furniture. You suppose I could pass for straight to get myself on the show?

I doubt it

Merry Christmas everyone!

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