Party Animals [ January 02, 2004, 10:44 a.m. ]

I was talking to G. when she mentioned she had no plans for New Yearís and would be hanging out with J., the most boring person I have ever met. I invited G. (sans J.) to celebrate with us. I was on call for work so leaving the house was pretty much out of the question.

Wednesday morning R and I tried to get the house in order. We pretty much have the moving clutter under control, but the Christmas clutter was horrific. We were thrilled when G. called to say she was running late and we had about 2 more hours to get organized.

For some reason, R decided he needed to move this old radiator that has been sitting in the upstairs hallway since we moved in. In other words, not a high priority item. Suddenly I heard this huge crash that shook the house. The radiator was at the bottom of the steps, R. was hobbling around the dining room and there were pieces of broken steps everywhere. He said he was OK and I went back to cleaning.

We ran some errands and got home just in time to get things in order. We all decided to go for a walk along the river. We also hit the Zoo for the Lights Before Christmas. I was bitchy because I was tired and hadnít sat down since about 8 am and I still had to cook a meal. Blah. Luckily the zoo wasnít too bad and we were home pretty early.

Dinner was fabulous. Roasted red pepper marinara, bruschetta, steamed carrots and brussels sprouts and a salad with my first attempt at a vinaigrette. Not bad at all. It was soon evident that I was not long for this world. G. went to bed at 10, I was gone by 10:30 and R. was the only one who was awake to ring in the hospital emergency room.

Apparently, the 300 lb radiator landed on his foot and after walking around the whole day he snuck off and called the Dr. who suggested he have an x-ray. Now when R. is sick or injured, he doesnít want to be hovered over. While this was my chance for sweet revenge, I was too tired. I felt guilty not going with him but then I would not have been much help. I did leave my phone on in case he needed to call. Arenít I wonderful? His foot wasnít broken by the way.

Happy New Year..this is what happens when you get old.

The next day G and I went shopping where I got some Fiesta on clearance, some lotiony soapy stuff (on clearance) and a manicure. My cuticles look fabulous. was supposed to be cloudy all day but it looks beautiful and warm. I think itís time for my walk.

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