Cold as Mary Hart's Tit [ January 06, 2004, 9:28 p.m. ]

R. is taking me to Vegas for my bday. Well..actually a month before my birthday because we didn’t want to be there for Spring Break or the NCAA bullshit (which was a good time to avoid Vegas according to the handy guide I got at the library.)

I now have 2 months to overcome my fear of flying OR get my Dr. to give me an Rx for Xanax. As soon as I hit “enter” to book the flights, I got that sick falling feeling in my stomach. And of course, there are only 2 direct flights a week out of Toledo and those were not options. That means a puddle jumper from Toledo to Cincinnati before we fly the big bird to Vegas.

I feel sick.

I did get a window seat however.

Neither of us are interested in gambling. In fact, I detest gambling. I’m just going to see the sights, the eats and a day trip to the Grand Canyon. Oh..and the hookers.

Speaking of Las Vegas, so who really cares that Britney got herself liquored up and hitched? I am so sick of hearing about it. You’d think John Paul II married them while he was wearing fishnets and KISS make up by the way the media is (over) reporting it. I can see it worth mentioning maybe once in the gossip page but for fuck’s sake let it go. Because I was fat and lazy and couldn’t reach the remote, I suffered through 12 minutes of Entertainment Tonight’s “exclusive” coverage of the nuptials. Watching ET is just like smoking crack (is whack), it rots your brain. Ohmygod and the shameless self-promotion.. .. everything is a plug for the show or Mary Fucking Hart. I think she’s had some work done. She looks more like the “other” ET this days..the Spielberg version.

Winter arrived with a vengeance this weekend. After near record highs all week, Sunday turned to complete shit. It was 50° in the am and it looked like this by 3 pm.

Tonight the temps are supposed to be below zero. ::shudder::

And of course, I have another cold. The sniffly-achey-I-want-to-die type of cold. And I’m pretty sure the cold-care tea I’ve been drinking has been causing my insomnia. It’s been baaaaaaaaad the last couple of nights. Last night I was up at 3am doing loading the dishwasher trying to stop the repeated playing of “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” in my head.

I was going to go into some work bs..but I don’t want to get all pissed off before bedtime. I’ll cover that mess another time.

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