Employment Issues [ January 10, 2004, 11:13 a.m. ]

I had a mandatory training yesterday. They said they would provide lunch. They had turkey, roast beef, tuna and chicken salad sandwiches.

I don't eat any of those things.

I had to sit next to some freakshow who shoved her purse under MY chair so my feet kept getting tangled up and I couldn't move my chair. She coughed without covering her mouth and made little "mmhmm" and "oh!" comments after every statement the presenter made.

The room was 100 degrees

One woman kept interrupting and asking questions about scenarios that would never happen: "What do we do if a blonde woman with a red sweater comes in on the third Tuesday of the month during a full moon and.. .." This woman is a complete pain in the ass. Every training we have she makes sure everyone knows how busy she is, how much harder she works and how any policy change will completely destroy the perfection that is her job performance. She also claims to have an "allergy" to fragrances and will shame you in front of a large group of people: "I KNEW it! You are wearing cologne AREN'T YOU? You MIGHT want to lighten up next time because I'M allergic." She only makes these statements to people she perceives as "beneath" her. The psychiatrist can drown herself in perfume and she'll hover in her office with no apparent respiratory distress. Thank God she doesn't work in my building and my contact with her is limited. If I had daily exposure to her there's a good chance there'd be a vicious catfight. I would be victorious. Her prissy manicure would be no match for my well-groomed fists of rage. Plus she's a therapist. You just know they are all nutcases.

So I work with this other mess who for the past 14 months has used the "I'm still learning my job" excuse for being completely incompetent. And she's crafty too. For example, you call her and discuss the need for a procedure change or a problem in her dept. Within a few days you get a memo from her (copied to the head of the department of course) as if she had come up with the plan and is asking you to assist HER with the change. I soon learned only to communicate with her in writing. When confronted, she claims it was a "managerial tactic."When she claimed not to get any of my emails (which she replied to) requesting some information I was craftier enough to request return receipts on those emails. So I was able to provide proof she had indeed received those emails.

Touche! Matty has nothing on me in the vicious bitch department.

I have no idea why she is still employed. But my paper trail may pave her path to the unemployment line.

I can only hope.

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