I eat carbs [ January 14, 2004, 12:19 p.m. ]

You know what?

Iím getting real tired of the whole ďlow carbĒ fad. In the early 90ís the big diet fad was ďlow fatĒ and soon there were low-fat everythings. The wretched low-fat salad dressing that tasted like you were licking tires (not that Iíve licked a tire but you know what I mean), low fat desserts that really werenít low-fat but the servings were so tiny you had to find them with a microscope. Then things that didnít even have fat jumped on the bandwagon ďlow-fatĒ pretzels cost more than the regular pretzels, but if you looked at the label youíd notice there wasnít really much of a nutritional difference.

Now there is low carb bread, ice cream and every restaurant Iíve been to lately has a low carb menu. R. and I went to Ruby Tuesdayís and the host(ess) swished us to our table while rattling off all the newest low carb menu choices.

I donít understand how a pound of bacon can be good for you and a dinner roll can be evil. Iíd rather be pudgy with good cholesterol than svelte and paralyzed on my left side from a stroke. And sweet Jesus what all that meat must do to your colon!

Itís all about moderation isnít it? Everyone is always looking for the quick and easy way to get thin, rich, beautiful..etc. I had a roomie who tried every fad diet there was. What he didnít seem to understand was he needed to eat healthy and get off his big fat ass and do something besides flip through the tv channels. OK..so I know Iím not the poster child for healthy habits but Iím also not constantly complaining about my body. I take responsibility for what I look like.

Itís all about moderation, people!

I think I have grocery shopping rage. R. and I went to Meijerís on Saturday. Every aisle was full of fat freaks buying their (probably low-carb) shit. Then the 400lbers on their scooter carts. And then of course.. ..since itís Saturday and the busiest day of the week, lets decide to stock our shelves! Then there are the dumb bitches blocking the aisles while they chit chat. And the dumbasses that park their carts right on front of the items you are looking at. That happened more time than I could count. From now on, Iím only shopping at midnite.

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