Obligatory Update [ February 19, 2004, 8:01 p.m. ]

You would think that I would have something interesting to say after a 12 day hiatus.

Think again.

My life has never been more boring. Boring can be good or it can be.. ..well.. ..boring.

I just looooooooove those moveon.org commercials. Especially the one with the little kids making tires and working at the grocery store. Bush is an asswipe.

I found my checkbook.. ..in my briefcase. In my defense I have to say it was inside a folder and not just flopping around. Still.. ..I swear I looked thru it a hundred times. Oh well..now my check numbers are out of sequence, that bothers me.

Ugh..because I’m too lazy to turn the channel, I’m watching ET. First of all.. ..they are selling “The Passion of the Christ” merchandise. I want the Jesus Christ lunchbox with the Judas thermos! And of course.. ..Mel fought and fought to film an accurate version of the crucifixion but still gave us a nice blue-eyed lily-white Jesus.

Then there’s Steven Cojocaru, honestly.. ..would you take any fashion advice from this disaster? He’s dresses like Edina Monsoon. I cringe every time I see him on TV. I hate the fact that most gay men on TV have to be queeny outrageous characters.

And the gay marriage thing. I’m pretty neutral about the whole thing. However, I have to admit I was moved by crowds in San Francisco lining up for marriage licenses. Every Valentine’s day a local couple show up at the courthouse to be denied their marriage license. Then they hold court for the media and complain about equal rights and other assorted bullshits. Then they go home and promptly get online to search for anonymous sex partners. They represent what our critics are afraid of. On the other hand, it’s not like the married heteros don’t fuck around. Hey..I’m all for partner benefits and adoption and all that shit.. ..but why do we have to call it a marriage? And I tell ya.. ..the first time I have to buy a wedding gift for someone who a week later is sucking off a stranger in the sauna at the Y, I just may go off the deep end. And can you imagine if lesbians could marry? My God..the third date would be at the courthouse.

Hmm.. ..what else. I watched “The Two Towers” and thoroughly enjoyed it although I was confused most of the time. I never did figure out what the 2 towers were. Despite my promises to NOT watch “American Idol” I’m hooked. And I devoured the entire first season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” “Beloved Cunt”.. .. ..brilliant!

Ooo..time for “Survivor” Colby is some fine fine meat.

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