I will not eat from the garbage can [ March 23, 2004, 9:11 p.m. ]

I couldnít sleep last night because I had that damn Daisy Sour Cream jingle stuck in my head. Kill me please.. ..what sleep I did have was disrupted by completely retarded dreams that I canít remember, except..

that Jonathan29 and I showed each other our penises.. ..except it really wasnít him..he looked like someone else..and I canít remember what his penis looked like so donít ask.

V was in town this weekend. I forgot how inappropriate she can be.. ..I think itís a good thing she lives in Cleveland or Iíd be hiding from her. She was mean to Bitey.

I finally finished Wizard and Glass. Geez it only took me 7 years to finish it. Someone told me that Father Callahan from ísalemís Lot was a character but I never found him. Now I feel like I need to start at the beginning and read the first 3 books again. Itís been 22 years since The Gunslinger, I canít even remember my dream from last night.. .. ..

Haliburton lied to the government to the tune of $300 million bucks and they just have to pay back the money. Martha Stewart lied about $70,000 in stocks and sheís going to prison. Dick Cheney pals around with a Supreme Court Justice who maintains he can make an impartial decision regarding Dickyís dirty dealings. We have a president who lied to the world, lost millions of jobs and canít form a coherent sentence.. ..but heís gonna make sure those filthy homo-sexuals canít get married. And letís not forget those drugs in sports! Please let the reign of King George the Doofus be coming to an end.

OK..i just fished a bag of jellybeans out of the trash and started to eat them..i think that means this entry is officially finished.

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