Bugs [ March 28, 2004, 11:12 a.m. ]

It was warm enough yesterday to open a few windows and think about spring cleaning.

Think about it. Not actually do it. I was on call again and had the whole ďI donít want to do anything productive because I might get calledĒ type of thing. Now itís Sunday and I have 300 things to do.

I did manage to vacuum up all the frickiní bugs. I donít know what itís like in the rest of the world, but we have been overtaken by asian ladybugs in Ohio. These arenít like the cute harmless ladybug that lived with James in the Giant Peach; these are hateful, smelly bitey things. Some Einstein brought them here as a biological pest control and, having no predators, theyíve multiplied like mad. I was just reading a pest control site and apparently they like light colored buildings with southern exposure and lotsa foliage.. ..like ivy. Check, check and check.. ..we got it all. Then yesterday I went out on the front porch and there were thousands of boxelder bugs engaged in some sort of insect orgy. Ugh!

Itís very difficult for a germ-o-phobe to admit he has a bug problem. I am powerless over this. I canít call Orkin because I am worried about the pets getting poisoned. I think Iím going to Loweís to see what options I have.

Lately Iíve been watching Great Blue Herons and Snowy Egrets fishing in the river. Yesterday I saw a pair of rose-breasted grosbeaks. My goal this year is to spot a bald eagle in the neighborhood.

Yesterday I went to the produce market because I wanted to make guacamole. I got home and unpacked the bag.. .. jalapenos, cheese, plums, a cucumber and some asparagus. No avocados. Alzheimerís?

Madonna is touring.. ..no dates announced for Detroit. I canít imagine she would skip her hometown..the closest announced date is Chicago.. ..4-5 hours away. Hopefully sheíll add some more dates. :)

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