At last..update [ April 13, 2004, 8:21 p.m. ]

Finally.. ..I feel like I have something worth writing about.

Tonight.. .. “Showbiz Mom and Dads” premiers on Bravo. I’ve only seen the commercials, but I’ve decided this will be the best reality series on television. The commercial where the hateful Mother is screaming at her Jon Benet lookalike, “You are 4 years old, now act your age!” is priceless and disturbing at the same time. It amazes me that these people can legally have children, yet I am not allowed to adopt.

I want to spend a weekend at home. The past 2 weekends have been hell. Visiting family.. ..traveling..blah. Oh was my birthday too.

I’m 41. Pbbttt.

On the days that it’s been nice (because April in Ohio sucks) I’ve seen lots o’ birds. The other night I counted 9 herons, 7 egrets and 7 deer. Plus I can hear the spring peepers. I know they are spring peepers because I have spent hours at the “Frogtown USA” exhibit at the zoo trying to figure out which frog I am hearing. There I stand, all 6’3 of me among the 4-year-olds pushing the frog sound buttons.

Blah.. ..I’m getting fat again. For the longest time I was losing or maintaining the same weight. Now I’m gaining mainly because this house has an endless supply of sweets and junk food. I must stop eating all this shit. No more donuts. My digestive system has been a wreck again.. I’m back on bland foods. That’ll help. Tonight’s dinner was a baked potato with cottage cheese. Yuck.

My hair is OUT OF CONTROL. It’s been over a month since my last haircut. It is sticking up all over and its flat in the back. It’s no surprise that my hair was unmanageable when it was long(er). It grows in 300 different directions. Luckily, I get it all buzzed off tomorrow.’s time to steam the cat. helps his breathing.

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