Back..for now [ May 18, 2004, 8:40 p.m. ]

Iím going through a diary slump. Iím hoping Iíll get over it soon. I just donít feel like writing.

I did manage to get in the gardening mood. Thereís still a lot to do..but I got the process started.. ..thereís no stopping me now!

My job sucks. The state of public health sucks. Thereís no money to fund it anymore. They are starting to make cuts. They say I am safe. I donít believe them. On the other hand the CEO asked me to help develop the agency website. Iím assuming that means I still have a job. He should know.. ..right? Right?

For the first time in my life.. ..I am embarrassed to be an American. Stupid military. Thatís what people are going to remember..not the good stuff..those sick fuckin pics. I canít watch the news. We are supposed to be better than this.. least thatís our claim in the international community. Our arrogance has caught up with us. Weíve gotta get rid of Bush. Heís a moron. Another $25 billion? Sure thing, asshole.

We watched ďKill Bill Vol 1.Ē I looooved it. Tarantino was a little self-indulgent but I thought it was hilarious. was supposed to be funny.. ..right? I gotta get me a 5678ís CD. I loved them. Kaboom cereal.. ..I used to love that stuff. It was sooo full of artificial coloring it would turn your mouth all sorts of wacky colors. KABOOM!

I left my cell phone on my desk. The whole way home I kept reaching for my phone to call and ask someone to put my phone in my desk drawer. Iím a dumb ass.

OK.. ..I gotta vote for Fantasia.. ..then itís time for Showbiz Mom and Dadís. Gotta have a snack for that one.

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