Jammin [ June 06, 2004, 10:39 a.m. ]

Two weeks in a nutshell.

Went to Cinci to see G for her bday. We had a wonderful time. Went to Jungle Jim's which was a bit of a disappointment as it was packed and disorganized. They are in the middle of an expansion so things were all moved around. Plus we were on a schedule. They were out of Jarlsberg but I stocked up on Cadbury Flake.

We also went to the Cincinnati Zoo which was nice except for the 20,000 children, 5,000 rednecks and the 3 billion cicadas. The whole day we had to yell to be heard above the deafening chorus. Iím not sure if we are going to have that problem here, it looks like we are on the edge of the zone. But we havenít had any cicadas here . ..so they probably havenít hatched yet. I think our time is mid June.

The manatees were sooo cute. I want to get one as a pet. They remind me of the Hankster. The highlight of the zoo visit was watching the man climb into the bald eagle exhibit to retrieve his childís shoe. I imagined the eagle tearing off his scalp and pecking out his eyes in front of the crowd. I was somewhat disappointed it didnít happen. What a fucktard, and what a great example to set for your children. And he had the nerve to be angry with the zoo for ďtaking too longĒ to send an employee to get the shoe. I have an idea.. ..if your screaming monster canít behave in public..keep it at home.

Yesterday I was such the Martha Stewart. Nope.. ..I wasnít dumping my stocks..I made strawberry jam, macaroni salad, angel food cake and finished planting a few things that were still laying around. Then I repotted some ferns, poinsettias and my crown-of-thorns. The poinsettia I rescued from the dumpster at work has become a small shrub.

I put a new burner and igniter in the gas grill. The igniter would not light the burner. So.. ..after about 300 tries..the thing worked.. ..as my face was 2 feet from the grill. There was suddenly a ďWHOOMPĒ and all I saw was red. I fully expected to find myself sans eyebrows when I looked in the mirror but everything was intact. What a stupid stupid stupid thing to do! Not as dumb as climbing into an eagle pen.. ..but pretty fuckin stupid. I wonít be doing that again.. ..

(I just tried my jam.. ..fabulous! Now I get to make another batch..yesterday was the test run.)

I continue to struggle with the coffee thing. Last week I fell off the wagon again after a night of interrupted sleep due to an inability to regulate my room temperature, nightmares about terrorists and tornadoes and the endless playing of Outkastís ďRosesĒ over and over and over in my head. After drinking three cups of coffee I realized I was sweating profusely. Hmm..maybe thatís why Iím always a sweaty mess. Iíll keep trying to quit.. ..I make no promises.

Welp.. ..itís off to the jam factory.

PS HELP..I can't get links to work in this damn thing..any ideas?

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