This entry has no name [ June 19, 2004, 11:28 p.m. ]

One of our psychiatrists was horrified by my illegible signature..Iíve worked a long time to get my signature to look that way.. ..Iím glad somebody noticed. Actually.. ..after signing my name several hundred times a week for 14 years, something had to give. Iíd post an example but Iím worried about cyber-stalkers. Letís just say it ainít pretty. My second grade teacher, Mrs. Miller would be horrified.

A few weeks ago I heard an obnoxious bird calling but I couldnít see it anywhere. For the next few days this thing drove me nuts.. ..loud and obnoxious. I assumed it would be a big olí bird.. turned out to be a tiny 4Ē marsh wren. And it built a nest in my kitchen exhaust fan.. ..then in my hanging basket. It finally moved down the street because I can still hear it.. ..but it was just needed a smaller voice. The damn robins start their morning wake-up tune at 4:30 am.. the tree outside my bedroom window. I finally saw a goldfinch at the thistle the old house Iíd see 10-12 at a time. I love their little calls. No hummers yet.. ..Iím not giving up.

Itís rained every day for about 2 weeks. The temps and humidity have been at tragic levels..with a big ass thunderstorm every night (or all day long.) The other night I vaguely remember a little rumble of thunder and some flashes while I was sleeping. ďOh it must be raining againĒ I thought as I rolled over. The next day R. was telling me we had a thunderstorm with huge booms that rattled the house. Geesh..hopefully if the place catches on fire Iíd wake up enough to know I was in danger. Iíve made peace with the chipmunks. Thereís one that is pretty bold and heíll sit and stare at me for a few minutes. Then he crams his little cheeks full of birdseed and runs away. Iím going to try to hand feed him. The squirrels around here are complete snobs or mentally retarded..they take no interest in my offerings.

The new David Sedaris book is fabulous.

I jumped on the stupid ďIíve been to these statesĒ bandwagon..

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