A day off [ June 25, 2004, 5:58 p.m. ]

I took the day off today. My plan was a little gardening.. ..a trip to the zoo..general lounging around and doin nothing.

It’s raining.

I had to take a break from my office mate who:

Listens to Rush Limbaugh

Believes everything Rush Limbaugh says.

Yesterday during lunch she made a comment about Clinton’s book.

Her: “I’m so sick of hearing about it. He only wrote it to make money.”

Me: “Actually, most presidents write a book after they leave office”

Her: “Yes..but HE lied to the country.”

Me: “You realize Reagan and the first Bush-idiot both lied about selling arms in exchange for hostages and the current Bush-idiot can’t seem to provide any proof backing up his reasons for invading Iraq?

Her: “Well, I don’t know anything about that.”

In the past she has made brilliant observations such as:

-we should bomb the middle east off the map and get rid of all of “them..”

-there were no laws to prosecute pedophile priests so the church had to handle the problem their own way.. ..

She’s a typical conservative, she backs up her beliefs with the old gem “because the Bible says so” or by deflecting the comment with a jab at a liberal:

“Well Reagan may have forced the homeless into the streets but he DIDN’T cheat on his wife!”

My response is generally.. “I must have missed the part in the bible about 2 wrongs making a right.”

Ack.. ..the zoo was horrible. I figured the rain would keep the brats away. No such luck. The weather turned beautiful and the place was jammed with 30,000 screaming brats. I loved the people who smoke despite the “NO SMOKING” signs every 20 feet. My camera batteries died about 5 mins after I got there so I couldn’t take pics. I was too cheap to buy batteries there.. ..I forgot I didn’t have cash in my wallet and I wasn’t gonna get fucked $3.50 for using another bank’s ATM machine.. ..so I came home after 20 minutes.

I am currently baking a sugar cream pie. I repotted some plants. I might rent a movie. I might clean. I might just sit here and stare.

Now Playing: "I miss being Mrs." Loretta Lynn

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