Mandatory update #4455713.125 [ July 18, 2004, 11:43 a.m. ]

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If my life was more exciting, Iíd probably update more often. I work, eat, sleep, clean and water plants. You mean thatís not exciting? Iím thinking about going to Hilton Head in September. Hopefully there wonít be any hurricanes. Weíll see.. ..itís still in the planning stage and things usually have a way to never advance from that stage in my life.

I discovered that my ISPís new spam filtering bullshit blocked almost all of my incoming emails. I have no idea how long this had been going on. I called them the other day about an unrelated issue and decided to ask about my password for the spam controls feature. After I activated it, I could never sign in because of a password error. Apparently they assign you a password without telling you. Anywho..I found a shitload of blocked emails. They also delete them for you after 30 days.. some of them are long gone. Idiots. I think I am going to send them a nice letter.

Computer problems have also followed me to work. After 3 months of bitching, the IT-tard finally fixed my computer. I was without e-mail for 3 virus protection and was using a printer that barely functioned. I had no access to a network printer so I spent many days feeding sheets of paper one a time.

I see the current administration has decided to tackle the REAL problems that plague this country. Not healthcare, not education, not crime.. ..but GAY MARRIAGE. And..we are talking a constitutional amendment. You know..the Bill of Rights..abolishing slavery.. women the right to vote and now banning gay marriage. At least it died in the Senate but they are gonna keep trying. The whole thing was just a sham to get a public record of those who support it.. ..then to use that info against the opposition in the upcoming election. Perhaps the conservatives could protect the sanctity of marriage by staying married and monogamous themselves? Better yet..they could get some support from some well known heteros such as Britney, Scott Peterson, OJ Simpson or Rush Limbaugh. Now those heteros really know how to protect marriage.

I hear Michael Moore manipulated the truth to make unflattering points about Ďol GW. Thatís funny because Ďol GW did the same thing to send our men and women to Iraq.

But Michael Moore didnít kill anyone..did he?

Just a thought.

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