Leftist Propaganda [ October 02, 2004, 12:15 p.m. ]

I was flipping through the channels and just saw Bill Bennett on his soapbox criticizing the “liberals.” Does this man have any credibility? Another conservative hypocrite pointing fingers. It’s like the Bush commercials warning the “little people” about Kerry’s wealth and connection to big business. As if the Bush oil money and Cheney’s dirty Halliburton aren’t big business?

How about the Bush commercials promising a reformed healthcare system? Why do we only get this promise in an election year? The Medicare prescription plan? I’m a health care professional and I don’t know anyone this plan has helped. The only ones who are benefiting are the drug companies..big business indeed.

No child left behind? Show me ONE educator who believes this shit has improved education. Let’s not forget our Secretary of Education referred to the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers as terrorist organizations.

Bush criticizes Kerry for being weak on terror. I guess he’s forgotten the worst terrorist attack in our history happened on HIS watch. This attack happened after specific intelligence information was ignored. In 2001, Bush received 36 briefings regarding Bin Laden’s plan to attack the US or US interests. After learning there were 4 hijacked airliners in the air on the morning of September 11th, he continued with his plans for a photo op. After learning a plane had hit the WTC North tower, he walked into a classroom filled with children to read a book. After learning the South tower was hit, he sat for 7 more minutes.

He didn’t want to “scare” the children.

The Republicans crucified Clinton for “dodging the draft” when he ran against Dole. Now that our President and Vice-President are both draft dodgers, comments about this are labeled “partisan politics.”

Whenever Bush discusses the economy, he’s quick to point out we are at war After thumbing his nose at the UN, after vilifying the French, (which provided us with a nice distraction..freedom fries anyone?) he marched our children to Iraq to die. The “war economy” is his doing isn’t it?

I think his reactions during the debate the other night said it all. This is not a man who likes to face the truth, be contradicted or be reminded of his shortcomings. He looked like a child pouting when he didn’t get to play with the other kids.

He’s a president the Supreme Court elected, not the majority.

We can’t let it happen again.

"My concerns about the Senator is that, in the course of this campaign I've been listening very carefully to what he says, and he changes positions on the war on Iraq. It's a -- changes positions on something as ff -- fundamental as what you believe in your core, in your heart of hearts is right for -- in Iraq. I -- you cannot lead if you send mexed miss -- mixed messages."

G. Bush

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