Don't know why, there's no sun up in the sky... [ October 17, 2004, 10:37 a.m. ]

The weather has been perfect for a sad read. Cold, rainy and windy. The fall colors were just peaking, hopefully there will be some leaves left on the trees. I was hoping to get some pics of the colors. I did get a few, they are on my pics page. I’ve had the blues all weekend. Another one bites the dust. If anyone out there is reading the Dark Tower, write me..I need support. Have any of you cried while reading a book?

I made some fabulous pumpkin cookies the other day. In honor of my Martha, it was her recipe. I think I might make a pumpkin cake next.

I talked myself into buying a Melitta pod coffeemaker. I really miss those weekend cups of coffee and as long as I’m not chugging them down, I’ll be OK. It makes one tasty cup o’ joe. I’m still allowed 2 cups a week, get offa me. I’m weak. It makes tea too.. ..yeah..that’s why I bought make tea!

I put out a new woodpecker feeder. Today I had some nuthatches and 2 downy woodpeckers. Ooo..that reminds me, on my pic page, check out all the egrets in the “dry channel pic.” I love the birds here.

OMG..Bolthouse makes a berry smoothie drink now. I love them too!

Yet another conservative bigmouth appears to be having some problems. Apparently Bill O’Reilly likes to talk dirty to ladies other than his wife. If you read the statements he’s made, he’s “ready for a fight” and “outraged,” but he never denies the charges. He’s got himself a hot-shot trial attorney (a dirty word we’ve been hearing from our conservative friends this year) and he’s suing her for extortion. Throw up a smoke screen and they’ll never remember the real issues. Like weapons of mass destruction?

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