Chocolate Jesus [ November 28, 2004, 2:02 a.m. ]

The weather has been usual Ohio weather. The sun rarely shines and most days are gray and foggy. We had a small winter storm come through for the holiday. A little snow, a lot of rain and a whole lotta wind. In fact itís blowing and raining again tonight.

The feeders have been full of the usual cold weather birds such as titmice, chickadees, cardinals, downy woodpeckers, blue jays, and lots of sparrows. At night I hear the geese on the river.

I bought a set of molds to make a chocolate nativity. I canít wait to make a batch of Maryís for my Mother. My sister will pee.

Thanksgiving with the family was relatively drama free. I gorged on non-turkey side dishes. It was an ugly morning after. I actually considered going to the hospital. Instead I went back to bed and slept until noon. I havenít slept until noon in many years. Things were going well for a while. Now theyíve gone to.. .. ..well.shit again. Iíve been drinking peppermint tea, weíll see.

This morning I made a ďquick tripĒ to the feed store (fascinating place) to buy food for Bitey. I got lost. After a little oops involving a one way street and a trip through the slums, I found the place. They didnít have what I needed. Then a loud drunk came in to buy some flower bulbs. I knew I had to stall until he was finished or Iíd be trapped talking to him. Never make eye contact! He started asking a bunch of loud drunken questions that turned into a lesson about planting bulbs. I made my escape and got home an hour later with the wrong food. I had driven 4 miles.

I planted some narcissus bulbs to force this winter. Iím rooting some coleus cuttings I salvaged from the containers before the frost. Iím going to pitch a few of the ugly pants. Usually I canít do it, but this time Iím serious. I need to give up the plant martyr act. Some plants I wasnít meant to grow (ferns).

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