White Bah Humbug [ December 23, 2004, 1:47 p.m. ]

Winter has arrived.. .. ..with a vengeance. Earlier this week the temp was 1 degree (thatís Ė17 c for ya Treedancer) when I left for work. Tomorrow our low is supposed to be Ė10. Last night we got 9 inches of snow. The local media has been hysterical about this storm for 2 days and it didnít look like we were going to get anything. Other parts of the state got it much worse than we did. However there is no excuse to pre-empt all of the daytime television for a special news report about snow, pictures of snow, interviews with people in the snow and more talk about snow. Just run the damn closings across the bottom of the screen and let me watch Regis and Kelly in peace.

I went for a walk this morning but gave up after wading through knee deep drifts in the park. So instead of exercise I went to the corner bakery and bought cupcakes. Then I came home and shoveled out to the garage. I was running out of places to pile snow. Now Iím sweaty, shaky and probably smelly.

I am off work until January 3rd and lemme tell ya.. ..I needed it. Work has been bad enough that Iím considering quitting. I canít take it anymore. Nobody does my job while Iím gone so I basically did 40 hours worth of work in 2 days.

I finished up my shopping yesterday. All I needed was 2 pairs of flannel pjís and I was done. Of course nobody had them. A quick trip to the store turned into a 4 hour road/shopping rage-a-thon. So I got a gift card instead. I rewarded myself to some thai food for lunch then came home and baked.

My bah humbug mood has also affected my baking. I really didnít start until last weekend and Iíve decided to do stuff that doesnít require much work. I might even cheat a bit and throw my Whole Foods macaroons on the plate and claim them as my own (I had the same thought when I was at the bakery this morning.. ..hmm.. ..they have nice cookies too.. .. ..)

Yesterday I saw a Northern Flicker at the feeder. I was thrilled, Iíve only seen one once before. This morning there were some juncos. I love how a cardinal looks in the snow.

Ok.. ..Iím off to clean Biteyís cage before he calls the health department.

Have a good holiday.

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