It's alive [ April 22, 2005, 8:31 p.m. ]

Iíve got most of the bugs worked out..but for some reason none of my entries so far this year are showing up..well they show up but they link back to nothing. I hope to have my guestbook working soon too. I have no idea why it says my notes are turned off.. ..they arenít Some diaryland issues arenít resolved I guess. Anyway the missing entries are mostly me bitching about the winter so they werenít that interesting.
I asked my young female pharmacist 101 questions about a prescription I got for my cold sore.. ..when I got home I read the information sheet.. ..and words such as: ďPENIS, VAGINA, and SEXUAL INTERCOURSEĒ covered the paper. Itís primarily used for genital herpes. Had I known that.. ..I would have at least dropped the words ďcold soreĒ into the conversation instead of yelling ďSo do I take it when I first feel the tingle or when it starts to ooze?Ē
I started seeing a physical therapist for a hip/back problem Iíve had for a while. When my left foot started going numb, I figured I should go see the Dr. Itís nothing serious, just some incredible tight leg muscles. Physical therapy is hard. Iím a fat old man. Its much better now thank you.
I also had the dreaded blood tests for cholesterol etc.. ..I was convinced I was going to be given 2 years to live or put on a diet of lettuce and rice. It turned out not too bad, the doctor gave me an B+ overall. Of course I got the lecture about exercise and eating better.. ..but Iím relieved.
Vegas was fun..exhausting but fun. R and I drove to Cols. to meet D and G. Dís brother, EOE (Expert on Everything) came over to teach us how to play Texas Hold ĎEm. I wasnít in the mood and tried to get out of it. I was forced and ended up doing very well :)
When we got to Cinci for our connection (ugh) I noticed there were a lot of delayed and cancelled flights. It wasnít until after we got to Vegas we heard there had been a huge security breach at Cinciís airport and it had been shut down for hours. Somehow the mess was all cleaned up by the time we got there. The flight was bumpy and nauseating as hell. Our hotel was dumpy. I donít think weíll be staying there again. This is the view from our room. We wonít be staying there again.

I treated myself to a pedicure, manicure and massage. We ate some fantastic food. We shopped. I won $350 bucks on my third spin on a nickel slot machine. We saw the 600 lb Elvis Impersonator. We saw Cirque du Soleilís ďZumanity.Ē It was amazing!
However, D is one of those people who asks questions, then argues with you about your answer. I love the woman dearly but by the end of the trip I was ready to start smackin!
I started logging all of my voicemails at work. The first week I was back from vacation I had 67 voice mails. I seriously need a new job, that place is going to kill me. Iíve looked into going back to school to find something new to do with my life. Letís see if I follow through.

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