Ivory bills [ April 30, 2005, 10:27 a.m. ]

The snow was completely gone by the next day. Itís been raining ever since. Thatís fine tho, I actually like the rain. April showers yanno.

I ordered another shipment of tea. Hmm..Iím not sure I like white tea.. ..no flavor. And somehow I ordered this huge can of an herbal blend. Itís delicious but itíll be years before I can drink it all. (Note to self.. ..12 oz of tea is a lot bigger than a 12 oz soda can.)

Iíve been watching Airline. I will never never be rude to an airport employee again. And I had no idea you couldnít be drunk while you fly. I just assumed since they serve you booze in the airport and on the flight and since somebody else was driving.. ..you could get shitfaced. And who says television isnít educational?

I was thrilled to see there have been ivory-billed woodpecker sightings. This is a bird that has been assumed extinct. I wonder how I can attract one to my yard? I havenít seen a hummingbird yet. The few days I could sleep with my windows open, the sound of the birds in the morning was amazing..and somewhat annoying. I think a robin starts singing about 4:30am. Thatís just a little too early for me.

Iím still exploring a new career. I think I better decide soon.

The guestbook is up and operating. :)

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