The wrens are back [ June 18, 2005, 5:01 p.m. ]

GoshÖtime flies when youíre having fun doesnít it?

Except Iím really not having fun..Iím just a lazy slob.

Actually..the heat here has been terrible so Iíve been spending a lot of time watering all my stuff thatís trying to figure out how the weather went from March to August overnight. Then I had guests last weekend which meant a thorough housecleaning and organization. Then of course thereís reading, sweet sweet DVR and work. It just hasnít left me much time to think about the ol diary yanno?

Words I will be happy to never hear again:

Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes
Terry Schiavo
Michael Jackson
Runaway Bride

Itís a good thing the liberal media is focusing on the real issues that are affecting our country.

The wrens have returned, Iíd forgotten how loud they are. They are the tiniest birds with the most obnoxious call in the neighborhood. A storm blew down an oriel nest in my birch. The hummers are regular visitors to my feeder.

There was a garden tour this weekend, my entire block was part of the tour (not my house..thereís no way I could compete with my neighbors. So entire neighborhood has been overrun with old ladies in crinkly track suits and visors. I really wanted to do some work outside too, but I really want to avoid people.

I did post some pics on my pics page. Check them out if you have a chance

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